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Applet is the presentation of Media and E-Commerce in a merged form...

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APPLET  is a complete Web Media Platform established in 2020  by Afroz Ahmad and Muhammad Yusuf  with the objective of presenting Media and E-Commerce in a merged form which is an innovative concept in Media and E-Commerce fields.


      Applet is a combination of Media and E-Commerce.  It is a complete platform for knowledge, business, entertainment, education, Philosophy, Online Shops, Online Schools and all in the form of Web Media.  In short, APPLET contains every kind of Web Media Channel a human being can think of...


          Every person in this world can watch all the content of any Web Media Channel at APPLET for free of cost and share them. Apart from that every person can earn a lot of income by signing up at Applet, getting the referral link and by referring anybody to Applet when the referred person purchases any product at Applet.


       Watch, share the content and refer Applet to anybody in this world so as to be benifitted by earning money and serve the humanity by providing a great opportunity to all the people to earn money at APPLET.  This is the concept of Applet.


      Everybody can watch the content, share it and even submit the content if they have by contacting the Admin of Applet


      Everybody can collect Ads for any channel at APPLET and earn money.


     Everybody can refer any new user for APPLET and earn affiliate income when the referred person puchases any product at  APPLET.


      There are so many ways to earn money through APPLET.  So, APPLET is the ultimate Web Business Solution for the lifetime for the students, adults, housewifes and all.


APPLET provides a unique business opportunity for all Indians with Zero investment ! Yes ! It is true with APPLET.


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